Health and safety services and support

Haulier transporting ash from Didcot A Power Station

In our organisation H&S plays a vitally important role. The fundamental aim of RWE is that all members of the workforce go home as healthy as they came, whether they are our own staff or people working as contractors. To achieve this, RWET offers the RWE group services and support from experiences gained during the construction of recent major new build, retrofit and refit projects. The services listed below provide ongoing support for the development of H&S management systems, culture development, and the development of effective H&S strategies. All of which have proven to make a real and sustainable difference to RWE’s new build programme.

Our H&S management system services:

  • H&S culture and strategy development and leadership

    • Health and safety management system development
    • Support for working towards and achieving OHSAS 18001 certification
  • H&S systems and compliance auditing both Internal and contractors
  • Development of Contractors ‘KPI’s with Consequence’ getting contractors to deliver and of Contractor Minimum Standards and Requirements

Our H&S services:

  • Effective vendor selection processes and support
  • Accident investigation/root cause analysis/ Panel of Inquiry support
  • H&S Inspections
  • H&S tender documents and contract design