Nuclear Services

Haulier transporting ash from Didcot A Power Station

With an overall experience with TACIS/INSC projects ('EU Safety Enhancements Projects in Eastern Europe') of over twenty years our engineers offer a wide range of project management and consulting skills arising. They all come from diverse technical backgrounds in the nuclear power plant sector e.g. former NPP shift leaders, NPP simulator trainers and employees from NPP manufacturers.

Additionally, RWE is proactively supporting the international enhancement of nuclear safety by participating in WANO and OSART missions or by providing its expertise in EU expert committee work in the nuclear field.

RWE operates three NPP units with a capacity of 4,100 MW. Presently, 3 units located in Biblis and Mülheim-Kärlich are in its decommissioning phase. Over 400 engineers and several hundred technicians along with other support staff work for RWE in the area of nuclear energy generation. Furthermore, RWE was involved in the nuclear development projects in Belene (Bulgaria), Cernavoda (Romania) and in the United Kingdom.

Our works in international nuclear projects include:

  • Development and implementation of projects of varying sizes to increase the efficiency and operational safety of Nuclear Power Plants (NPP’s)
  • Enhancement of the maintenance and outage performance management of NPP’s
  • Transfer of management know-how and safety culture
  • Provision of nuclear training tailored to local requirements
  • Management and technical analysis of nuclear new build projects
  • Radiation Protection projects
  • Radioactice Waste Management and Spent Fuel Management
  • Decommissioning projects
  • Technologies: in-depth experience (but not limited to) VVER, BWR Gen 3, PWR, Gen 3, Technical assessment of BWR and PWR Gen 3+