Our history

From a Yorkshire power station to a transnational maintenance provider

TSG Ferrybridge is a company with a lot of tradition. The first brick was laid around nine decades ago. Our 16000m2 workshops and offices were originally constructed as a power station. In the 1970’s they were transformed to the present state.

TSG Ferrybridge is synonymous with engineering excellence and our experience was gained through refurbishing, maintaining, modifying and providing emergency support for the UK’s major power and industrial plants. In connection to our tradition our current modern technology ensures we provide the correct engineering solutions which serve you right first time.


Originally born as a power station
Site purchase in Ferrybridge, Yorkshire
1924 - 1927
Construction time
Largest turbo alternators in the country

1937 - 1939
Construction extensions

40 MW to 130 MW
Annual coal consumption
more than doubled to 330,000 tons.
Extension to accommodate
new turbo alternators and boiler house

At the peak of energy generation
Ferrybridge A, B, C power station
Capacity: 170 MW – electricity for 850,000 homes
The Technical support group (TSG) comes into being
Transformation of Ferrybridge A into
TSG Ferrybridge with workshops and offices
1980 -1991
of workshops, buildings, offices and
training facilities
From 1990 onwards
Privatisation of Central Electricity Generating Board
TSG Ferrybridge becomes National Power
which separates in 2000
to Innogy (where TSG belongs to) and International Power,
both working under the brand nPower.
Part of the RWE family
Innogy, and in turn TSG Ferrybridge,
become part of the RWE group
Part of the RWE Generation SE
TSG Ferrybridge as a legal entity of RWE nPower becomes part of the transnational RWE Generation.