Re-engineering and manufacturing

GMOS Ferrybridge can manufacture nearly any component for you. We have a huge amount of experience and knowledge regarding re-engineering and manufacturing what enables us to give a quick response and solution to almost any problem. Whether complex one off turbine blades or large batch production of fasteners, we can provide a service for you that is exceeding your expectations of precision and quality. Our engineers and craftsmen are experts in their field. 3480 perfectly manufactured steam turbine vanes in three weeks are an easy matter for us.

Receive premium results regarding CMM and CNC services which are right first time.


Reverse and re-engineering services:


Manufacturing and CNC services:

  • Latest co-ordinate measuring machines (CMM) and laser scanning technology for data collection
  • Modern modelling, draughting and manufacturing software, along with highly skilled and experienced engineers
  • Portable CMM for on-site or remote measuring
  • a range of multi axis CNC machining centres for ranges of

    • small precision components
    • up to large turbine blading
  • latest programming and verification software
  • CNC lathes for components ranging from the very small to 60 t
  • many types of conventional machine tools

    • from small precision grinding machines
    • up to lathes which are capable of turning 100 t