Presence & Results of the vote AGM 2012

Annual General Meeting of the RWE AG, April 19,2012


Number of sharescapital stock in €%
Ballot presence58.06
Common shares334,100,963855,298,465.28
Preferred shares4,781,15312,239,751.68


Results of the vote

Shares for which valid votes were castShare of capital stock this represents (%)Yes%No
Item 2
Appropriation of distributable profit
332,138,55654.03332,080,545 99.9858,011
Item 3
Approval of the Acts of the Executive Board for fiscal 2011
Item 4
Approval of the Acts of the Supervisory Board for fiscal 2011
Item 5
Appointment of the auditors for fiscal 2012
Item 6
Appointment of the auditors for the audit-like review of the financial report for the first half of 2012
Further motions
Motion by Mr Kurt Claßen for adjournment of the decision-making of items 2 to 4256,574,59341.741,1470.01256,573,446