Nuclear power stations

Although Germany decided to abandon nuclear energy: Electricity made of nuclear energy will continue to have a large share in the European electricity mix. This is due to the fact that nuclear power plants are able to supply electricity around the clock – and in a zero- CO2 and low-cost manner at that.

Meeting the highest requirements
RWE has been operating nuclear power plants since the 1960s. Adhering to our high safety standards – which are regarded as exemplary on an international scale – is our first priority, to which nuclear research and development work is making an important contribution. We are working on key issues such as plant safety, fuel utilization, materials and ageing management for components.

Map of nuclear power stations

Successful exchange of experiences 

In doing so, we are collaborating with numerous partners. VGB Power Tech e.V., the Technical Association of Large Power Plant Operators, integrates and assists research projects of several operators and selectively supports universities and research institutions.

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