Niederaussem power plant

The Niederaussem power plant was planned initially as Fortuna IV in the 1960s with a total output of 900 MW, following on from the now shut-down Fortuna I, II and III plants which produced electricity from 1912 until 1988. In order to do justice to the location, though, its name was changed to "Niederaussem power plant".

Extension to eight units

The first electricity was generated in 1963 when the 150-MW units A and B went on stream. In the years that followed, the power station was extended to yield an output of 2,700 MW involving eight units in all. The output has been increased since 1994 to 2,840 MW by efficiency-enhancing measures in the turbines (retrofit).

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Saving emissions – boosting efficiency

The Niederaussem power plant has been extended by a BoA unit with a gross output of 1,000 MW. "BoA" is a German abbreviation for lignite-fired power station with optimized plant engineering. The aim in particular is to lower specific CO2 emissions by up to three million tons annually by boosting efficiency to over 43%. Dust, sulphur-dioxide and nitrogen-oxide emissions, too, are down by some 30%. The first electricity was produced in 2003.

Coal Innovation Centre

It is round and about BoA 1 and its technology that we are bundling our research projects to reduce and utilize CO2. The Niederaussem location is thus becoming the "Coal Innovation Centre". Here, we are gaining invaluable insights that can be ported to other projects and plants. This is also where we are increasingly nurturing an exchange with international circles of experts.

Data, figures and facts – Niederaussem power plant


Power plant typeLarge-scale lignite-fired power plant with 7 units
Area of useBase load
Electrical output (gross)MW3,669
Average lignite utilisation
million t/a28.1
Number of units300 MW
600 MW
1,000 MW
4 units
2 units
(BoA1) 1 unit
Average gross electricity generation
Location of power plantCity of Bergheim, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany


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