Neurath power plant

Grevenbroich's Neurath part of town has a long tradition when it comes to energy: it was here, after all, that the first lignite deposit of the northern mining area was discovered quite nearby. That was in the year 1858. Over decades, the lignite was mined in opencast operations and upgraded in two neighbouring briquette factories. These operations have long since given way to high-quality recultivation.

Relatively young power plant

Despite this mining tradition, Neurath is relatively young compared with the other Rhenish power-plant locations: the first power-station unit did not go on stream until 1972. By 1976, a total of three 300-MW units and two 600-MW units had been commissioned.

More about Neurath power plant

24/7 power generation

Like all other large-scale lignite power plants, Neurath, too, works in the base load. It uses lignite from the Garzweiler and Hambach opencast mines, around the clock and with unvarying output, to generate base-load electricity for consumers and industry.

Competitive supplier

With more than 4,200 MW, seven units, including two BoA units, cover more than ten percent of the installed capacity of RWE Power AG's own power plants. Over 40 years' experience and a high availability make the Neurath power station a competitive supplier on the electricity market. A competent, committed workforce of 700 make a crucial contribution here.

Starting in 2006, RWE Power AG built two lignite-fired power stations with optimized plant engineering (BoA) at Neurath, and officially commissioned them in August 2012.

BoA 2&3 in Grevenbroich-Neurath

RWE has built the world's most modern lignite-fired power plant. The project is a milestone on the road to precautionary climate protection. Visit one of Europe's largest building sites online.

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