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Social commitment

We are assuming that social commitment by companies will play an increasingly important role in the smooth-running operation and development of our society. The objective of our commitment is to play a proactive role in the regions and local communities where we are operating. At the same time, the importance of the role played by volunteer commitment is increasing – a development that we are fostering under the umbrella of RWE Companius.

We want to structure the future of energy supply and particularly engage young people in our endeavours. Our national initiative in Germany ‘3malE – Bildung mit Energy’ (3timesE – Education with Energy) is going to communicate the knowledge required for this. We also believe we have a responsibility to analyse the concrete need on the ground and therefore provide support for non-profit project organisations in the regions. The RWE Foundation complements the social engagement of RWE with projects that go beyond the strict confines of the company and address the entire spectrum of the topic of energy.

RWE Companius

RWE Companius has been the group-wide umbrella brand for promoting volunteer commitment by employees since 2007. Because members of the workforce are free to decide within the criteria of the sponsorship framework where they want to make a commitment, there is a wide range of volunteering activities from the areas of education and training, energy, culture , social issues, sport, environmental protection and nature conservation. We also sponsored 30 projects dealing with energy through a special fund.

Joined-up team initiatives mediated through RWE Companius are enjoying increased popularity. A total of 65 teams made a commitment to volunteer projects in 2012 (2011: 32 teams), including members of the Executive Board: In December 2012, Peter Terium, the Chief Executive Officer of RWE AG, and his colleague Dr Johannes Lambertz from RWE Power and Dr Arndt Neuhaus from RWE Deutschland installed solar-powered lamps at the St Gereon children’s home in Bergheim near Cologne.

Facts and Figures on Companius (status 31.12.2012)
Funded projects (since 2007)9,552
Funded corporate volunteering projects (2012)1,842
Total funds (since 2007)€12.7 million
Total funds (2012)€2.4 million
Engaged employees (2012)4,033


Volunteer engagement is supported in all our Group companies and in all the countries where we are operating. One example is the programme ‘Aktiv vor Ort’ (Active Local) run by RWE Deutschland, which highlighted local engagement on the ground under the umbrella of RWE Companius this year with more than 744 employees. Employees at RWE Power carried out a total of 134 projects during the year under review. Ten of these projects were team projects and a total of 155 employees were engaged in these projects during the course of 2012.

A total of 172 employees participated in volunteer engagement in the Czech Republic last year – the total number of volunteers has been 349 since 2008. Five team projects were carried out including the first team project with the involvement of executive management. RWE Companius in Poland organised a joint project with 14 volunteers for the organisation SOS Children’s Villages. In addition, the foundation also provided funds for eight team projects involving 75 volunteers. Team efforts are also becoming increasingly popular in Hungary where several hundred employees including the top management are engaged in projects.

In December 2012, RWE Companius was awarded the ‘Deutsche Engagementpreis 2012’ (German Engagement Prize 2012) in the business category and RWE received the HR Excellence Award 2012 in the category employee commitment (Groups). This demonstrates external recognition for the high level of quality and creativity we use to support the commitment of our employees.

RWE Companius has meanwhile become established as one element of human resource development within the Group. Learning through voluntary commitment forms an element in the promotion programmes for our future managers, trainees and apprentices. However, this is also true for every engaged employee. Each RWE employee therefore receives an individual certificate for their volunteer commitment. The certification process guarantees that the voluntary engagement automatically becomes part of the employee’s training history.

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‘3malE – Bildung mit Energie’

The initiative across Germany ‘3malE – Bildung mit Energie’ (3timesE – Education with Energy) was launched in October 2012. 3malE stands for ‘Energie entdecken, erforschen und erleben’ (exploring, exploiting and experiencing energy). The new initiative bundles all the activities associated with energy and training at RWE companies in Germany and manages the programmes and initiatives of enviaM, KEVAG, LEW, RWE Deutschland, RWE Innogy, RWE Power, SÜWAG and VSE. The online portal www.3malE.de is the core of the training initiative. All the packages and campaigns are posted on this portal.

3malE is available to nurseries, elementary schools, secondary and vocational schools, universities of applied science and universities as a training partner and the aim is to educate children, school children and students about the concrete work carried out in the energy industry today and in the future.

School children and teachers can access lots of information, downloads and films, one example being material for preparing a presentation or for carrying out an experiment. Excursions, plant tours, free teaching units on the subject of ‘Energy’, experiment kits, teaching materials relevant to school curriculums and advanced materials are provided that allow teachers to refresh their own energy and management knowledge. Children have the opportunity to engage with their own ideas – for example in the school competition ‘Energie mit Köpfchen’ (energy with heads). Students and lecturers have access to lots of prepared, interdisciplinary material about the energy transition. The ‘RWE MINTALENTS’ project allows students learn about the areas RWE operates in.

Employees also have the opportunity to become involved in educating young people about the energy industry. For example, the employees working in the ‘Energy Ambassador’ programme deliver teaching units on energy subjects in schools. 250 employees have already registered for this programme.

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Other social and cultural projects

A substantial part of our social and cultural commitment is initiated by the Group companies in the area where they are operating. We sponsor other projects with direct action through local partners dealing with local issues to suite the social and economic conditions on the ground and the expectations of our stakeholders.

In Hungary, we supported the work carried out by more than 60 different non-profit and social organisations. These include the Hungarian Interchurch Aid and the Hungarian Maltese Order. We are also a major sponsor of the Miskolc Cultural Association. In 2012, the amount donated for cultural and social purposes totalled some HUF 70 million (around €240,000). RWE works together with four major foundations in the Czech Republic to help children, pensioners and people suffering from the impact of significant health challenges. RWE also plays an active role in the cultural arena by sponsoring the traditional film culture in the Czech Republic and the Prague Spring international music festival. In Poland, RWE became a partner of the Copernicus Science Centre, one of the most recent European institutions to sponsor science. The cooperation follows the mission of the RWE Foundation which has been engaged in educational projects for children and local communities over the past six years. RWE and the Copernicus Science Centre will join forces to offer an education programme for children in elementary schools.

In the Rhineland lignite-mining area, RWE supports the regional structural development programmes being carried out by the government of North Rhine-Westphalia. The current focus is on the terra nova project around the Hambach opencast mine. The company is joining forces with local communities and agriculture to create a recreational area over the coming years which will also include a legacy lake after opencast mining has finished. As part of this project, RWE Power participated in establishing the ‘Forum terra nova’ workshop in the year 2012. Looking after groups of visitors coming to the different locations also forms part of the ongoing functions. In 2012, more than 3,600 groups with a total of 130,000 visitors went on tours of our locations.

RWE Deutschland promotes volunteering engagement in its grid region. Since 2012, the company has been supporting people through project ‘RWE Ehrensache’ (RWE Volunteering) who are engaged in volunteering activities in their region. Other ongoing engagements were continued during the course of this year. RWE Deutschland has been promoting volunteering as a co-organiser of the RUHRDAX fair project. The RUHRDAX programme is a contact platform that brings social organisations and businesses together each year at a fair to encourage volunteer work. RWE Deutschland is also committed to inclusion of people with disabilities. Since 2005, RWE Deutschland has been the main sponsor supporting the IntegraTour organised by the 'Landschaftsverband Rheinland' (Rhineland regional association). This event is based on the Olympic relay race and school children with and without disabilities carry the LVR-Integra Banner from town to town advertising the social inclusion of people with disabilities.

RWE npower’s Health Through Warmth scheme, which aims to improve levels of warmth and quality of life for vulnerable people with cold-related illnesses, has successfully helped over 70,000 vulnerable people since it was set up in 2000. RWE npower’s scheme achieved external recognition in 2012 by winning an Energy Institute Award. RWE npower’s partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support in the United Kingdom continued in 2012, with the total contribution made by the company to Macmillan now valued at £6 million (€7.4 million). A number of community programmes have been developed to support RWE npower’s sponsorship of the Football League and increase participation in the sport. A number of work experience placements have also been provided for young people in order to provide an insight into careers within the football industry.

Health Through Warmth

RWE Innogy promotes regional activities in many areas, for example in Wales, with focuses on sport and advanced training. For example, RWE npower renewables, the British subsidiary of RWE Innogy, was the main sponsor of the Ospreys Rugby Team in Wales which has enjoyed success on national and international playing fields. More than 3,000 children at 60 schools in Neath and Swansea in South Wales also benefit, for example, from the Ospreys Training Programme by taking part in training workshops as part of the current National Rugby League (NRL) sponsorship package of RWE. The children in these schools find out more about the topics of renewable energies, sustainability and communications skills, and they are taught with particular emphasis on mathematics, literature, sport and health.

In Germany, RWE Innogy has also been providing support for organising the competition to award the ‘Deutsche Waldpädagogikpreis’ (German Forestry Education Prize) since 2009. The prize worth €5,000 is awarded for innovative and pioneering projects in the area of environmental teaching and forestry education.

In the Netherlands, Essent supported a number of projects in 2012, including a seal breeding station. RWE Dea promotes social and cultural projects in regions where the company is involved in production activities – from cultural projects in Norway, through the promotion of sport and music for socially disadvantaged children in the United Kingdom, to aid projects in Turkmenistan and Egypt. Young women there are given lessons in reading and writing. They are also given information on health issues for their families. Up to now, 9,000 women in Egypt have benefitted from our programme. We have also created 600 teaching jobs. In Germany, in cooperation with the media we launched a donation campaign to celebrate ‘25 Jahre Erdölförderung Mittelplate’ (25 years of oil production on the Mittelplate drilling platform) in the Friedrichskoog region. RWE Dea received a total of 50 proposals from local people and social institutions for distribution of the money donated. An independent jury decided on distributing the money that had been donated.

In 2012, RWE supported the ‘Farbenrausch’ (colour rapture) exhibition at the Museum Folkwang in Essen. The exhibition brought famous Expressionist artists to a wide audience. A total of 219,000 visitors came to the exhibition. This cultural engagement also involved educational tours for schools.

The expenses for donations in Germany amounted to a total of €4 million and for sponsoring to €8 during the course of 2012. All expenses for donations and sponsoring are recorded centrally by the Compliance Department. These expenses are audited to ensure that they comply with our guidelines and the Code of Conduct.

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