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On Friday 28 February and Saturday 1 March 2014 we held our second Public Exhibition. For information, click here.

Planning application delayed

RWE Innogy UK will delay its planning application for its proposed five turbine Cuckoo Wood Wind Farm development near St Michaels on Wyre. Alice Byrne, RWE Innogy UK’s developer for the project said: “In order to finalise the site design we need to collect more wind data from the anemometer mast on site. It is expected the planning application will now be submitted to Wyre Borough Council in 2015. We will continue to keep the local community updated as the project progresses.”


Cuckoo Wood site boundary map - click to view full map We are investigating the potential for a wind farm, known as Cuckoo Wood, on land located north of St. Michael’s on Wyre, Lancashire.

If granted planning consent, the site could make an important contribution towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions and tackling climate change.

Wind farms, such as the proposed Cuckoo Wood Wind Farm, are also not reliant on the import of fossil fuels such as gas or oil, and so contribute towards the security of the UK’s energy supply.

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As a responsible developer, RWE Innogy UK undertakes many feasibility assessments to ensure that a proposed site for a wind farm is suitable.

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Working with communities

As a responsible developer and operator, we aim to work with and support the communities in which our wind farms operate, through meaningful investments and engagement.

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Working with businesses

A wind farm at Cuckoo Wood would represent significant opportunities for local businesses and individuals throughout its development, construction and longer term operation.

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Find out how you can show your support for Cuckoo Wood Wind Farm.

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Find out how to contact the project team and sign up to receive the latest information or comment on the proposal.

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