Machine diagnostics

Advantages at a glance

  • You will be drawing on the knowledge and experience of 50 qualified and experienced staff who have the latest measurement and diagnostic technology at their disposal.
  • Quality, on-time delivery and flexibility are the key.
  • Cooperation with our customers in an atmosphere of trust is our defining quality as a commercial partner and service provider.

What we focus on:

  • Vibration-based machine diagnostics for roller bearings and gearing on slow and fast-running drive elements for all output ranges (gears, motors, fans, drums, driers, mills, crushers, wheelsets, etc.)
  • Calculation of service loading and operating stresses on drive trains and structural components
  • Short and long-term measurements and structural durability studies of devices and plants
  • Development of procedures to automatically derive production-relevant information from all kinds of maintenance and measurement data
  • Development and construction of special sensors for metrology
  • Weighing of major structures to ensure ultra-precise determination of weights and centres of gravity
  • Non-destructive magnetic induction testing and computer-supported diagnostics on moving cables
  • Thermal imaging