Wind turbine gearboxes

The RWE Maintenance & Engineering Center repairs your wind turbine gearbox cost-efficiently regardless of manufacturer and type using state-of-the-art technology. Here, you will benefit from the competence and experience we have gained over more than 40 years of gearbox repairs.

Apart from repairing your gearboxes, our range of services also comprises the repair of rotor shafts including main bearing. We work to the highest standards and meet the highest quality requirements. Furthermore we can assist you with onsite repairs (e.g. replacing pitch tubes, replacement HSS) and help you to minimise downtime in your plant.

We store a wide range of replacement parts


  • Disassembly and fault analysis
  • Cleaning and measurement of components
  • Crack testing and material analysis
  • Definition of required repair work
  • Machining of gearbox housings and components
  • Procurement and/or re-working of toothed components
  • Assembly
  • Performance test run
  • Full-load test run (optional)
  • Conclusive

    inspection documentation

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