Take advantage of the wide range of processing options that we offer

  • Reshaping, straightening, separating, shearing, burning, plasma cutting, etc.
  • Joining (welding, gluing, screwing, etc.)
  • Coating (build-up welding, colour coating, etc.)
  • Heat treatment (selective surface hardening / flame-hardening, annealing)

Our manufacturing facilities are state-of-the-art.

  • Centre lathes and vertical turning lathes
  • CNC-controlled centre lathes and vertical turning lathes
  • CNC-controlled horizontal boring mills
  • Milling machines and special purpose machines with CNC and NC control
  • Plasma cutting machines
  • Robotic MAG welding systems
  • Robotic cell and plasma transferred arc systems for automated burning and welding
  • Boring machines and grinders
  • Vertical and horizontal presses