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PT Rheincoal Supply & Trading Indonesia is a dynamic, coal trading company based in Jakarta. We conduct physical coal trading, including blending and storage of coal in Indonesia as well as the exportation.

As a member of the RWE Group we act in conformity with the established RWE principles and we also supply physical coal to RWE.

RWE Group Overview

RWE Code of Conduct

The integrity of all our activities is an essential requirement for sustained and successful growth. We are aware of our role in the community and our responsibility towards customers, business partners, shareholders and employees.

The underlying principles of the RWE Code of Conduct form the foundation for the activities of RWE, both as a business and as a corporate citizen. We want to encourage our employees to take responsibility for their actions, and the RWE Code of Conduct has the purpose of giving them clear guidance in their daily work. It specifies the conformity of our activities with laws and regulations and also with social, cultural and community standards and values. It is based on the Global Compact of the United Nations, which we joined in 2004, and the OECD principles for multinational companies.

To ensure that the basic tenets of the RWE Code of Conduct become our guiding principle, it will form the basis for all other business regulations. Once a year managers of RWE companies are called upon to report on compliance with the RWE Code of Conduct.

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Zero Tolerance Statement

Part of the RWE Group

PT Rheincoal Supply & Trading Indonesia became operational in July 2013 and is wholly owned by the RWE Supply & Trading Group.

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PT Rheincoal Supply & Trading Indonesia

c/o Ms. Anne Angeline
The Plaza Office Tower, Floor 22, Unit F1
Jl. M. H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Jakarta Pusat 10350
Phone: +62 21 2992 1508
Fax: +62 21 2992 8013

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