Our own design office utilizes state-of-the-art CAD and Expert Systems for the construction-design of our RWE conveyor belt pulleys.

Basis for the pulley design and construction is a specialised pulley calculation software tool. After entering contour, load and wear parameters, a complete 3D model of the drum is generated automatically. This model is then used for calculation according to the finite element method (FEM). Superposed stresses from surface pressure of the clamping set in the hub with stresses from the strand forces are processed during the calculation in connection with the detailed geometry of the drum body.

The software has the advantage of very quickly assessing the required strength of the drum in question. In this way the RWE Maintenance & Engineering Center is capable of carrying out a complete FEM calculation for drums that have been in use as well as for drums that are to be designed completely from scratch through the fully parameterised user interface. These processes enable us to design and manufacture conveyor belt drums up to the ST 10,000 class and beyond.