Level of Executive Board Compensation

Total compensation for fiscal 2017

Pursuant to the calculation regulations of the German Commercial Code, the total compensation of the Executive Board for fiscal 2017 amounted to €7,274,000. This includes sums received by Uwe Tigges through to 30 April 2017 for his dual offices on the Executive Board of RWE AG and innogy SE. These emoluments were paid by innogy SE and were refunded by RWE AG on a prorated basis. Total compensation in 2016 amounted to €15,486,000. This figure includes the sums received by Peter Terium and Bernhard Günther until they resigned from the Executive Board of RWE AG on 14 October 2016.

Benefits granted

The following tables show the benefits granted to the members of the Executive Board of RWE AG for 2017 and the preceding year.



This tables shows the level of funds paid to the Executive Board members.


Further information on structure and level of Executive Board compensation