Level of Supervisory Board Compensation

In total, the emoluments of the Supervisory Board (including compensation for committee mandates) amounted to €2,746,000 in fiscal 2016 (previous year: €2,720,000). Of this sum, €442,000 (previous year: €420,000) was remuneration paid for mandates on committees of the Supervisory Board. Added to this is the remuneration for mandates at subsidiaries of €482,000 (previous year: €265,000). Total compensation amounted to €3,228,000 (excluding expenses, prior year: €2,985,000).

The total remuneration of all who have served on the Supervisory Board in 2015 and 2016 and the compensation included for mandates exercised on Supervisory Board committees is shown in the following table.

Supervisory Board base compensation


Further information on the structure of Supervisory Board compensation: