Germany has the energy to lead

“Have we Germans gone crazy?!” Some people would probably answer with a “yes” when it comes to the transition of energy in Germany.

Many people feel that the transition of energy is one of the greatest challenges of our time, one that affects both economic and environmental policy. Perhaps it is even equivalent to landing on the moon? Or reunification? Whatever comparisons are made, a transformation of energy is possible, and we are already on the way to making it happen in future.

And there are already a number of forward-thinking people in Germany who are blazing a trail in the future direction of energy with their innovative ideas. RWE has taken up the issue of energy innovation in a new cross-media campaign. With the German slogan “Unser Land geht voRWEg” (“Our country is leading the way”), RWE hopes to motivate people to join in and take up the challenge. Every person can make a contribution towards a safe, affordable and intelligent energy system in future.

The TV commercial shows that even now there are many pioneering places in Germany where energy is being used sustainably and efficiently. The commercial is reinforced by other advertising media, which emphasise that RWE is already leading the way with the most advanced technology solutions, services and products.

More information about the campaign is also available online at RWE is searching for people who are leading the way with projects, advice and ideas related to intelligent energy consumption. By everyone – for everyone. The site also profiles some of the energy leaders and provides plenty of material to inspire a lively debate about the future of our energy.

Campaign Special

Read about Germans who have the energy to lead and discover some helpful hints for saving energy. Get informed about the issue of “the future of energy” and show us that you also have the energy to lead.


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