Mining engineering services

Mining operation in one of RWE’s opencast lignite mines

Our mining engineering services overview:

Development of mine design, planning and optimisation

Let your project profit from mine design, planning and optimisation solutions provided by our mine planning consultants.

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Mine equipment engineering and planning

RWE can provide specialised and practical advice for advanced mine equipment engineering and planning, especially in the field of in-pit crushing and conveying (IPCC) applications

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Mining equipment maintenance and optimisation

Benefit from RWE’s mining equipment maintenance and optimisation services tailored to your needs.

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Optimisation of opencast mining

Optimisation of mining operations

Only a mine that operates well performs well. RWE Technology International provides practical solutions to enable the optimisation of surface mining operations to generate higher profits.

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Manufacturing and assembly supervision

Integrated and vital manufacturing and assembly supervision services for a successful mining operation.

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Mine drainage design

RWE mine drainage design minimises production loss due to flooding or slope failure and controls mine water.

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Coal beneficiation

RWE Technology International services ensure low-rank coals undergo beneficiation.

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