Integrated solutions

RWE Technology International can provide assistance in developing integrated solutions through a full range of specialist services that support every stage of mining and can imporve the performance of your mining asset worldwide.

Our integrated solutions services:

Market and sector studies

RWE Technology International’s experts can support you in the assessment of the market potential of your commodity and thus help you to maximise the value of your deposit.

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Due diligence studies

RWE's due diligence studies can add value to your enterprise, enabling effective investment decisions to be made.

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Opportunity and feasibility studies

Our experts can determine your mine's profit potential through opportunity and feasibility studies.

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Development and operations support

RWE can support your mining project at each stage, providing operational effectiveness and a profitable mining operation.

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Training and capacity building

Well trained and experienced staff are important for successful mine operation and project management.

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Financial analysis

RWE experts can provide financial analysis to enable economic operations during the whole life-time of your project through financial analysis from experts geared to your needs.

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Owner’s consultant services

RWE can assist mine owners in managing complex projects to gain the maximum benefit.

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WTATM Technology

WTA plant at Niederaußem power plant

We have developed a revolutionary fluidized bed drying technology with built-in waste heat to increase efficiency.

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