Hydrological assessment

Pump test in the Thar desert of Pakistan

Groundwater affects most mining operations. Understanding the aquifers and their hydraulic properties is essential for groundwater management and all dewatering techniques. Excessive groundwater abstraction can have a crucial effect on the profitability of mine operations.

In the early stage of mine planning , we can study the possible impacts on groundwater users and the environment due to mining and hydrological dewatering operations. Any compensation measures must be defined and the method and costs evaluated as a portion of the overall mining costs.

Our hydrological assessment services include:

  • groundwater exploration, modelling, inflitration and management
  • acid mine drainage studies
  • hydrochemical investigations
  • dewatering and groundwater abstraction
  • water level measurement

Brochure: Hydrology (PDF | 0.5 MB)

RWE’s experience and expertise in Hydrological assessment includes: