Groundwater protection

Taking water samples at a village well

Groundwater is becoming an increasingly precious resource. The demand for groundwater is steadily growing, while contamination from human activities is placing ever higher pressure on groundwater supplies.

We draw on extensive experience in deep dewatering, groundwater infiltration, acid mine drainage mitigation and groundwater modelling of deep and complex aquifers to help you manage your groundwater supplies.

Quality as well as quantity of the groundwater is of vital importance, especially to organisations supplying water for public consumption.

Our groundwater specialists provide you with:

  • groundwater environmental regulation, monitoring and remediation studies
  • water management schemes
  • aquifer re-infiltration, monitoring programmes and particle trace modelling
  • hazard substance propagation modelling with PHREEQE techniques
  • saline water encroachment studies

Brochure: Hydrology (PDF | 0.5 MB)

RWE’s experience and expertise in Groundwater protection includes: