Acid mine drainage management

Detail of a contaminated river water near a mining operation.

Acid mine drainage is a serious issue for mines, when sulphides are present in the ore or waste. Upon oxidation they form acids which mobilise heavy metals, high concentrations of sulphates and iron into ground and surface waters.

For more than 20 years RWE has carried out research into acid mine drainage in association with a renowned university institute and the mining and environmental authorities. For over a decade we have been installing acid mine drainage mitigating measures in our mines which are accepted by mining and environmental authorities.

Our services in acid mine drainage management include:

  • determination of acid generation potential
  • design of mitigation measures
  • development of detailed engineering studies for acid mine drainage projects
  • monitoring programmes for acid mine drainage
  • development of project plans for environmental authorities

Brochure: Hydrology (PDF | 0.5 MB)

RWE’s experience and expertise in Acid mine drainage management includes: