Mine closure and post-mining services

River Inde located in North Rhine-Westphalia

The remediation of a site once mining operations have finished is of vital importance. Subject to the properties of the material mined and processed, the release of contaminants from mine openings, waste rock piles and processing residues, as well as the restoration of an ecologically intact post-mining landscape, are of major concern.

Our services cover mine closure planning and post-mining liabilities are based on internationally sound techniques and standards.

They span the full range of remediation aspects:

  • evaluation of remediation objectives taken from the relevant regulations with regard to internationally applied standards
  • preparation and review of closure plans and remediation concepts for mining and processing areas
  • pre-closure long-term monitoring of mine site
  • development of post-mining concepts under public participation hearings
  • assessment of the existing and potential impacts on the environment caused by abandoned mining sites or objects
  • implementation of mine closure and remediation programmes
  • evaluation of mine closure, remediation and long-term maintenance costs
  • generation of long-term stewardship models

Brochure: Managing environmental issues (PDF | 0.4 MB)

Our experience in managing environmental issues after mine closure includes: