Owner’s consultant services

RWE assists mine owners

Before and during the implementation of a mining project, a wide variety of contractors are usually involved. While the top level project team usually has the necessary know-how for designing and planning a project, it may need support from specialist project managers.

Based on the experience of RWE’s world-class mining operations and international projects, RWE Technology International’s interdisciplinary group of experts is able to assist in establishing efficient organisational structures, following complex technical procedures and managing the variety of contractors and staff involved in a project.

As owners engineers we will assist you with the:

  • implementation of an efficient organisation structure
  • investment decision support
  • definition of long-, medium- and short-term targets (performance and schedule)
  • tendering for and contracting of engineering and construction companies
  • drafting of mining and off-take contracts
  • competent persons reports
  • monitoring of all crucial activities
  • problem analysis and solutions
  • decision making process and strategic development
  • independent evaluation of projects