Transparency Offensive

Since 2017, RWE has been providing online access to comprehensive data about electricity generation in the power plant portfolio of the Group. This represented the start of the Transparency Offensive which gave RWE the mantle of playing a pioneering role in the European Community.

The topic of transparency now plays a key role throughout the European energy market. Since 2011, the EU has required all operators of power plants to place detailed information about the status of current electricity generation in the public domain as promptly as possible. The companies also need to announce any incidents in the power plants, which lead to reduced performance or outages.

RWE publishes comprehensive data from the generator portfolio of the Group in real time on the Internet site This gives all interested stakeholders the opportunity to gain an impression of the performance of RWE power plants inside and outside Germany. RWE and its subsidiary companies mainly generate electricity in Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.