Kuwait/Essen, 03 September 2009, RWE Supply & TradingThis pressinformation is more than two years old

RWE’s partner Excelerate Energy supplies liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Kuwait for the first time

  • Total of twelve commercial deliveries across the world – to the USA, UK, Argentina and Kuwait
  • Around 1.5 million cubic metres LNG delivered at competitive prices
  • Deliveries meet countries’ peak-load demand

RWE’s LNG joint venture company, Excelerate Energy LLC, based in Woodlands/Texas (USA), has just supplied liquefied natural gas for the first time to Kuwait. The company’s LNG vessel “Express” successfully delivered its cargo of LNG at the recently commissioned GasPort Mina Al-Ahmadi, regasifying 130,000 cubic metres of LNG (equivalent to about 80 million cubic metres of natural gas) on board and feeding it direct into the country’s gas grid. The natural gas delivered to Kuwait was loaded as LNG in Australia. The Mina Al-Ahmadi GasPort also uses this technology and was built by Excelerate for the Kuwait National Petroleum Company.

Excelerate has already delivered 12 commercial LNG cargos this year at own facilities or at ports run by the company. Other destinations – in addition to this current delivery for Kuwait – included the USA (Massachusetts), the United Kingdom (Teesside) and Argentina (Bahia Blanca).

With these deliveries to Kuwait, Excelerate has now supplied a total of 1.5 million cubic metres of LNG (or just over 1 bcm of natural gas) to these markets. These deliveries are timed to meet peak gas demand, such as currently in the case of Kuwait, where heavy use of air conditioning systems means that demand from gas-fired electricity generation is particularly high.

Excelerate Energy currently runs six vessels, and two more will be commissioned during the course of the year. RWE and Excelerate, in collaboration with their project partner NWO, are also jointly examining the feasibility of building a Gas-Port at Wilhelmshaven in Northern Germany.

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: This pressinformation is more than two years old