Essen, 30 October 2009, RWE AGThis pressinformation is more than two years old

RWE sees EEX transparency as a model for Europe

  • As a leading energy trader, RWE welcomes further progress on the quality of information available to market players
  • Germany leads the way
  • Company calls for level playing field for the whole of Europe

RWE rates today’s launch of the information platform “Transparency in
Energy Markets” by the EEX in Leipzig and four German transmission system operators, which offers more detailed information about supply and demand in the electricity market to over 200 players in the electricity trading market, as a significant sign of progress.

Stefan Judisch, CEO of RWE Supply & Trading, commented: “From the outset, RWE has called for more transparency, and leads the way in Europe with its own provision of information. For this reason, we have always actively supported EEX in its efforts to supply the market with more and better quality data. After all, the more information that is made available, the easier it is for everyone to understand the market pricing mechanism. This increases confidence, encourages liquidity and promotes integration of major wholesale energy markets throughout Europe. We hope that, by leading the way, Germany will inspire the rest of Europe to follow suit.”

RWE wants all European countries to make a joint effort to supply energy traders with an equally high standard of information about fundamental data on power supply and demand in their respective markets. This is the only way for traders to gain an overall view of the European market. Of particular importance is reliable and up-to-date information about the installed and available capacity of all generating plants, scheduled maintenance periods, the duration of unscheduled power plant outages, actual power production and the load factors of grids and interconnectors. For this reason, RWE developed its own transparency platform back in July 2007. Current information on power production volumes, grid load factors and the available capacity of RWE power plants is uploaded on in real time. In this respect, RWE already leads the way in Europe.

RWE views the “Best Practice Guidelines” developed by the Association of European Regulators (ERGEG) as a suitable basis for a binding, European-wide policy of transparency in the provision of electricity data. Only a compulsory minimum requirement at a European level will ensure all energy traders are able to access and evaluate data beyond their own national borders. In this context, RWE also welcomes the recently announced publication of power consumption data by the industry. Rapid progress in the degree of transparency at a European level will contribute to the further convergence of the internal European energy market and work to the benefit of all customers and consumers.

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: This pressinformation is more than two years old