Arie-Johann Heiertz

Sales Manager (Mining)

Arie has a Mining Engineering background from RWTH Aachen University and has a strong operational background in RWE´s lignite mining operations. He is an expert in mining engineering for any large-scale mining projects in opencast mines.

His expertise gained within operational units at RWE Power disembogued in the responsibility of heading an infrastructure department at Hambach Opencast Mine. His experience comprises the department management of operationial units, the technical, economical and environmental assessment of mining operations as well as the development and review of mining related capital investment processes (from project concepts to bankable feasibility and project implementation studies) as well as the technical and economical controlling of mining activities. He also gained profound knowledge in the operation of Room & Pillar and high productive Longwall mining systems in Germany and the USA.

Since beginning 2012 Arie is working for RWE Technology as Senior Mining Consultant in projects worldwide. Since 2016 he is the responsible Sales Manager for all mining activities within the group.


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What gives you most satisfaction in your work?

Solving engineering problems with limited access and resources in an appropriate and clever manner. Facing new challenges every day and solving client problems smoothly.

Why did you choose RWE TI?

When you receive your education and practical engineering knowledge in the State of North Rhine Westphalia, Germany, it´s apparent that RWE is recognized as industry leader. I always wanted to be part of that team running worldwide recognized projects.

“Your challenge is our passion” - What it means to me:

What really inspires me when I think about “ Your Challenge is our passion” is that it really reflects our passion and commitment to do the best we possibly can for our clients and partners. I know and I am 120% sure that our team of experts will not leave any single stone unturned in pursuing value during every step of the project.

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