Thomas Falk

Senior Thermal Engineer

Thomas holds a diploma in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Hannover and started his professional career in a large lignite RWE Power Plant in the Rhine Westphalia area, Germany.

His 10 years practical expertise while working in a power plant have led to his in-depth knowledge in operation, maintenance and commission of power plants, especially of steam generators.

Thomas plays important roles in diversified aspects of Steam Generation design and compliance with daily operation. Thomas routinely performs condition assessments and serves as manager in contractual issues.

He is a member of the European technical association for power and heat (VGB PowerTech e.V.) contributing to the working group “Specification Acid cleaning”.



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What gives you the most satisfaction in your work?

The challenge and the satisfaction in my work is to find the right decision and solution in a multidisciplinary context with different interests and parties.

Why did you choose RWE TI?

RWE is one of the leading and most innovating energy producer in the world and RWE Technology International is its technical branch with its best experts, giving me the opportunity to work with them in various areas.

“Your Challenge is our Passion” - What it means to me:

To take your point of view on the issues, your values and find the right solution.

“Boiler is my Second Name” - What it means to me:

To commit oneself with enthusiasm, passion, heart and soul for Steam Generation.

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