New power stations

Over the next few years, a large number of the UK’s existing coal, oil and nuclear power stations are due to close as they reach the end of their operational lives, or are unable to achieve the latest environmental standards.  It is estimated that the demand for electricity will continue to increase, despite efforts to improve energy efficiency and reduce demand.  In total, the UK is likely to need between 15-25GW of new generating capacity by 2020. As an integrated energy company, we have a big part to play in making this happen.

The UK needs a diverse mix of energy generation to reduce CO2 while maintaining affordable and secure supplies.  It is essential that we are not reliant on one source.  Our strategy is to move to a more environmentally sustainable mix of power stations with increasing amounts of gas and renewable energy. At the same time we believe we must deploy the full range of energy technologies; cleaner coal will play a reducing, but vital, part to keep supplies secure, reliable and affordable. New nuclear will also have a vital role to play in the future energy mix.

Over the past few years we've invested billions building modern, efficient power stations to provide the UK with reliable, low carbon energy.

New gas power stations

Pembroke Power Station began full operation in September 2012. At 2000MW, it's one of the largest and most efficient power stations of its kind in Europe.

Pembroke Power Station

Our new gas-fired power station at Staythorpe in Nottinghamshire began full commercial operation in November 2010.

Staythorpe Power Station

We are also developing proposals for new combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power stations at Willington in Derbyshire.

Willington Power Station

Flexible power from biomass

In 2011 we converted our coal-fired Tilbury Power Station to a dedicated biomass plant, using 100% sustainable biomass fuel.


New renewable energy

The UK has a huge amount of renewable resources, including the best wind resources in Europe. RWE npower renewables, part of RWE Innogy, is one of the UK's leading renewable energy companies.

Renewable energy

New coal power stations

In November 2009 we announced that we would not be making applications to build new supercritical coal-fired power stations at Tilbury in Essex and Blyth in Northumberland.

Blyth Power Station