The recruitment process

To make sure that the job you would like to apply for is right for you and you are the right person for the job, we have the following systematic approach in place:

1. Job advertising

Whenever there is a vacancy to be filled, our recruiting manager describes the position detailing the skills and experience that candidates need to have for a job advertisement. Details of Available Jobs can be found here on the website. Our job ads may also be published in various online job platforms, newspapers or specialist magazines.

2. Job candidate selection

We look at your and all other applications and make an initial assessment of each candidate’s suitability. If your application is among the top suitable ones, you get an invite to an interview.

3. Job interviews

If things go well, you will probably be invited to one or more interviews. The aim of these interviews is to provide us with an objective picture as possible of your competence, skills and personality. In certain recruitment situations you might also need to do other tests as part of the interview and selection process.

We try hard to reach out to candidates in a timely fashion. The high volume of applications we receive, however, prevents our contacting everyone. If you want to avoid, your application falling through the cracks, make sure to submit all mandatory data (your personal contact information, cover letter, current resume, references).

If you still don’t hear from us and believe strongly that you would make a great fit, contact our Human Resources Manager, stated in the job ad you want to be considered (go to “Contact Us” on our website for contact information).