50 Years of International Success

From Rheinbraun-Bergbauberatung to RWE Technology International.

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Asset Care

A mobile app for every employee: a new paradigm in maintenance management

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Bulk Material Handling

We ensure a smooth transfer to and from bulk terminals through our vast experience in large port handling equipement.

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Due Diligence

A service to ensure your potential investments are based on verified project data.

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Energy Storage Advice

Maximize your energy storage investment and get your best solution

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Engineering Risks (ERAPTM)

A management tool to mitigate risk, manage expectations and support informed decisions.

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NDT Consultancy Services

RWE Inspection Management (IM) offers proven NDT consultancy appropriate to your needs within your specified timescales and budgets.

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Rotor Life and Construction Welds

A suite of inspections enabling our GT experts to inspect the rotor cavities and construction welds for in-service defects and to assess the future use of the rotor.

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Rotor Disc, Bores and Keyways

A inspection method to guarantee a fast and accurate scanning of shrink fit areas.

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Disc Head Fixing

A service including suitable inspection methods to obtain optimum results.

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Turbine Rotor Surface Inspection

A service guaranteeing optimum results using validated and approved techniques and procedures.

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Turbine Blade Root Inspection

A service including multiple validated NDT techniques for the inspection of last stage blades.

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Turbine Curved Blade Root & Steeple ET Inspection

A service offering multiple validated NDT techniques for the Eddy Current inspection of curved blade roots and steeples.

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Generator Rotor Inspection

A service including multiple validated inspection methods to detect flaws in the rotor forging and its components.

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GT Rotor Inspection

A comprehensive range of services guaranteeing specialist support.

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Rotor Bore Inspection

A service offering state of the art solution for a fast and accurate inspection of steam turbine rotors.

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O&M Health Check

A service to support your power plant and fleet performance and profit.

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Operational Excellence - Training in Mines

Our experts of RWE Technology International share their engineering knowledge and practical experience with our customers using various methods.

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Operational Excellence - Training in Power Plants

Our experts of RWE Technology International share their engineering knowledge and practical experience with our customers using various methods.

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Plant Demolition and Site Closure

A service to provide independent expert advice for safe and cost-effective mothballing, decommissioning and demolition of power plants.

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Plant Relocation Services

Investors seeking to buy existing power plants or stranded assets will be benefit from our relocation service portfolio.

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We help you plan, assess, design, construct and manage your mine reclamation and closure project.

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Technical Risk Management Guidance

A suite of technical documentation to mitigate risk and operate power stations in line with industry good practice.

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