Patricia Nies

Proposal Manager

Meet Patricia: Latest Addition to our Proposal Team. Patricia joined us in early 2016 to assist in growing and strengthening our Thermal Generation consulting activities.

She is thoughtful, organized, accountable and an excellent communicator, helping make sure that our proposals live up to client expectations.

Prior to her current role, Patricia has gained valuable experience in closing commercial deals while working several years for RWE’s trading business.

Her areas of expertise include operation, process and commercial relations with an emphasis on efficiency and improvement. In addition to proposal management, Patricia supports the acquisition of new projects.

Patricia graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in International Management from the University of Applied Science, Essen.




What gives you the most satisfaction in your work?

Meeting different challenges in every project but knowing that the customer and the team have been satisfied at the end.

Why did you choose RWE TI?

Working for a company of the energy sector with longstanding experience along the value chain and the fact to work in an international environment made an easy choice for me.

You have the choice! - What it means to me:

We know that there is a great choice on the market but that motivates us to deliver our best solutions to you. This means by choosing us you always get our best solution.


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