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Support Brechfa Forest East Wind farm and the opportunities that it will bring!  We now have anonline petitionavailable for anyone and everyone to sign, no matter where you live. Your opinion counts as much as anyone else’s!

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Brechfa Forest East Wind Farm is centred on Banc Llywelau, south of Rhydcymerau. Our studies suggest that this site could accommodate 12 turbines within an area of 270 hectares.

The current layout could accommodate an installed capacity of between 24 and 36 MW. The average annual generation expected at the site would be equivalent to the approximate domestic needs of up to 15,700 average UK households1.

We submitted a planning application (application reference number E/24195) in March 2012 to Carmarthenshire County Council for Brechfa Forest East Wind Farm, according to The Town and Country Planning (England and Wales) Act 1990. We have now submitted further information to Carmarthenshire County Council. This information is contained within a document called Clarifications and Supplementary Environmental Information.

Supplementary Environmental Information (SEI):

Supplementary Environmental Information (SEI) has been submitted to Carmarthenshire County Council for consideration as part of the application, and will now be the subject of a further round of consultation conducted by the local authority.

The SEI documents are now available to view along with the original planning application on Carmarthenshire’s County Council website, and in other locations around the local area. Please visit the Supplementary Environmental Information page for more details.

An electronic file version of the SEI is available for download. Because of the size of the entire document, the SEI has been split into smaller files so that it is easier and quicker for you to download and view the specific sections that you are interested in.

A Non-Technical Summary of the SEI is also available for download, please visit the Supplementary Environmental Information page for more details.