Mario van der Borst

Senior Project Manager

Mario is an internationally recognized professional in the field of nuclear energy with over 35 years of experience throughout Europe and internationally. His expertise involves the design, engineering, operation and management of nuclear power plants. He is a pioneer in the field of probabilistic and deterministic nuclear safety assessment. He is a regarded advocate of the improvement of safety culture at nuclear power plants. For many years he was the technical director of the nuclear power plant Borssele in the Netherlands. As project manager he was responsible for several nuclear upgrade projects, with an overall budget of over 250 million euro. He was responsible for the engineering and licensing of the recent RWE nuclear new build projects. Nowadays he is running projects and advising clients in the Middle East and China with respect to the safe operation of nuclear power plants.

In the role of (assistant-) teamleader Mario was involved in 5 WANO peer reviews in Europe and South-America. He was vice-chairman of the Dutch Nuclear Society and board member of Foratom. Mario has a Master and Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics from The University of Delft, Netherlands and the Hoge School of Rotterdam, Netherlands.

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What gives you most satisfaction in your work?

Meeting people from other cultures. Developing creative solutions for our clients in the mix of economy, technology and management.

Why did you choose RWE TI?

Because RWE TI is a flexible organization with several years of experience and outstanding know-how.

“Your challenge is our passion” What it means to me:

Listen to and understand the real needs of our client and based on this create efficient solutions according to the client’s expectation and make use of the large knowledge resources of the RWE group is my passion.

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