Lindhurst Wind Farm


Zoom Lindhurst Wind Farm is located just south of Mansfield in Nottinghamshire. It started generating clean, green energy in September 2010. The wind farm is made up of five turbines and is capable of generating more than nine megawatts of renewable electricity.


Lindhurst Wind Farm was approved by the planning committee at Newark and Sherwood District Council in September 2007. Construction started in January 2010 with preparatory work at the site. This work included upgrading the site entrance and access roads, constructing the turbine foundations and a substation/control building, installation of cables and a connection to the local electricity network. The wind farm started to take shape in August 2010 as the five turbines were erected one by one at the rate of two a week.

The wind farm was officially opened in November 2010 at a small ceremony attended by Nottingham school children.

Working with the community

As a good neighbour, and responsible developer, we continue to support the local communities around the wind farm through the provision of an annual community fund. Starting at £10,000 per annum, the Lindhurst Wind Farm Community Fund is index linked in line with inflation and will be available throughout the life of the wind farm.

The fund is managed by Nottinghamshire Community Foundation and for more details on how to apply for funding and how the funds have been spent to date please click here.

Since the wind farm became operational, the fund has assisted activities such as creating a new skate park for children, purchasing garden equipment such as plants and shrubs, creating an outdoor seating area and launching a Hippotherapy initiative – a type of physiotherapy treatment. Read more here: Lindhurst Hippo Grant (PDF | 0.2 MB)

The fund is managed by Nottinghamshire Community Foundation and details of how and when to apply for funding can be found by visiting:

Working with communities


  1. Long term energy output predictions are based on operational data analysis, where sufficient information is available, or estimated using measured wind speed data. The energy capture and equivalent homes or emission savings figures may change as more operational information is gathered.

    Equivalent homes supplied is based on an annual electricity consumption per home of 4500 kWh. This figure is supported by recent domestic electricity consumption data available from The Digest of UK Energy Statistics and household figures from the UK Statistics Authority.