Iftikhar Khan

Business Development & Sales Manager

I work in an RWE office located 5000 km and 3 time zones away from Germany. Living and working in one of the most culturally diverse country’s in the world, I witness the entire spectrum of global businesses, ambitions, languages, cultures, religions and traditions within a few square kilometers of my office and home. At work, my colleagues and I deliver our business responsibilities in at least 4 different languages. Residing in Dubai, I represent RWE Technology International in the Middle East – North Africa region.
It wasn’t always like this; a Chemical Engineer by education, I was born and raised in the UK. 15 years ago I joined RWE after completing my PhD studies in gas turbine combustion. I am a chartered Chemical Engineer, chartered Mechanical Engineer, chartered Environmentalist and a chartered Scientist.

In my career with RWE, I have undertaken assignments in Engineering, Climate Protection R&D, Performance Optimisation, Operations Improvement, Technical Asset Optimisation, Commercial Asset Optimisation, renewable energy development and operational assignments on coal and CCGT power plants.

Outside of work I enjoy travelling, horse riding, archery and reading. I have a lifelong dream to travel the world by land, sea and air. This ambition will have to wait whilst I raise my 3 young children – in the meantime I will have to be content with learning to fly helicopters.

What gives you most satisfaction in your work?

Delivering on my commitments to provide the best support to my clients .

Why did you choose RWE TI?

By choosing RWETI, I have been given the opportunity to work alongside colleagues who possess some of the best technical minds in the utility sector; my colleagues also have equally impressive personal qualities.

“You get your best solution!” - What it means to me:

I am fully committed to delivering to you the most technically and commercial appropriate solutions that fulfills your requirements.

"Your business is our daily work!" - What it means to me:

My clients technical requirements are a personal challenge for me to deliver. I am not in the business of selling services to my clients, I solve my clients problems with the same energy and professionalism as would be expected from an RWE expert. I know with the RWETI team, I will be able to provide an engineering solution to the complete satisfaction of my clients.


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