Matthew Lee

Boiler, Aux and Structure Group Head

Matthew has 30 years of experience in the power industry, initially in laboratory failure investigations over a broad range of power plant, specializing in pressure equipment. Subsequently he has supported Stations in broader plant life management, including assisting in the design and assessment of modification and operational changes. He has contributed to formulating and establishing process for Process Safety management and is now the Group Head of the Boilers, Aux and Structure team in the UK, providing support in the areas of pressure parts, CW systems, civils and pumps.

Matthew has a wide understanding of power plant process and mechanical design in both on conventional and CCGT plant. He has contributed in industry forums: BSI, EEMUA and GENSIP establishing good practice guidance in a number of areas related to pressure systems and integrity management. He has been involved in many plant improvement projects and in the specification and acting as a owners engineer on new build projects.

He has worked as a consulting engineer in boiler plant and pressure systems integrity both within the UK and internationally in USA, Australia Canada, South Africa, Italy, Pakistan and India.

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What gives you most satisfaction in your work?

When we come together across all the engineering disciplines on a project or to solve a plant problem we can add real value and I enjoy working in these diverse teams.

Why did you choose RWE TI?

The variety and interest in the work and the opportunity to expand my understanding by working in the RWE team.

“Our aim is your success!”
What it means to me:

I’m used to discussing and providing guidance to our own operational plants. When it comes to third party clients, as far as possible I like to think we consider the problems and offer the solutions, as if the plant was our own and we are part of your team.

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