Eemshaven power station (Netherlands)

This new power station in Eemshaven is being built to generate electricity primarily for the Dutch market. The plant, which can be partially fuelled by biomass, is scheduled to begin operation by 2014. With a gross capacity of 1,600MW and an efficiency of more than 46%, it will be one of the world’s most modern power stations.

The 50 hectare site is located at Eemshaven port. The construction of the power station will secure and create jobs in the manufacturing industry, the construction trade and local companies. During the main construction phase, some 3,000 people will be working on the building site.

Eemshaven offers good logistics: hard coal, for instance, the power station’s main fuel, will be delivered via the seaport. Other substances, such as pulverised limestone for flue-gas desulphurisation or powerstation ash, can be transported in and out in an environmentally friendly way via the River Ems. All regulatory air pollution and noise limits can easily be met at Eemshaven.