Climate protection is a global task, so that in our management of projects around the world, we are experienced in working in many different cultures and with professional staff based at offices around the globe, who can provide local support.

Carbon Climate Protection GmbH

Carbon Climate Protection GmbH (CCP) stands for RWE Power's cooperation with Austria's Carbon Projektentwicklung GmbH. The two partners focus on the avoidance of nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas that is 310 times more harmful than CO2.  Besides CCP, the shareholders operate the joint-venture companies Carbon Egypt Limited and Carbon CDM Korea Limited. The firm contributes on  projects designed to avoid nitrous oxide in nitric-acid production at the plants run by the Egyptian project partner Abu Qir Fertilizer Company and the South Korean Hu-Chems Fine Chemical Corporation.

Furthermore CCPs efforts led to the successful admission of the “N2O abatement in new nitric plants” ACM0019 in June 2011. Based on this new methodology the development of new N2O abatement projects is on track.

CCP, with registered office in Austria, supports the two project companies in verification and administration tasks. Also, their specialists act as developers and advisers for other RWE Power climate protection projects. RWE Power and Carbon Projektentwicklung each hold 50% in Carbon Climate Protection.

With some three million tons of CO2 units reduced each year, the two projects in Egypt and Korea are among our most important activities.

RWE Power Climate Protection China GmbH
Chinais the most important and biggest CDM market.  RWE Power recognises this importance and has developed a company of its own in that country: RWE Power Climate Protection China GmbH acquires and develops climate protection projects on the spot. Together with domestic partners, it has shares in joint ventures whose aim is to avoid methane in Chinese mines. Our subsidiary uses know-how- and technology transfer to make a crucial contribution toward ensuring that environmental protection does not fall by the wayside in the wake of China's rapid industrial growth.

RWE Power Climate Protection Clean Energy Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
RWE Power Climate Protection Clean Energy Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd  with its registered seat in Beijing is as 100% subsidiary of Climate Protection China GmbH the main contact for all climate protection activities of RWE Power AG in China. Our seven Chinese employees keep in touch  with our project partners and ensure that we can further extend our market position in China.

Mingas-Power GmbH – Coal mine methane activities
RWE Power and Steag Grubengas-Holding NRW GmbH cooperate in Mingas-Power GmbH for the utilization of methane from active and disused German mines, so that we are contributing to give coal mining a more climate-friendly shape. We are also using this know-how for our important international projects in the coal-mine-methane field.

RWE Power Climate Protection Southeast Asia Co. Ltd.
RWE Power Climate Protection Southeast Asia Co., Ltd." (RWE SEA) with its office in Bangkok, Thailand, targets the acquisition, development and  implementation of RWE Power AG’s climate protection projects. In addition to climate protection projects RWE SEA supports business activities for RWE Group companies within the region.