Competence fields

RWE offers wide-ranging technological expertise in the most important GHG-avoidance methods.  These are a crucial success factor in implementing CDM and JI projects. In this respect, we are able to benefit from the experience of the entire Group.

N2O avoidance

RWE Power, acting along with the Austrian company Carbon Projektentwicklung, manages the Carbon Climate Protection joint venture.

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Methane avoidance

We are participating in activities to avoid coal-mine-methane (CMM) and landfill-gas emissions.

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Energy efficiency in power plants

The efficient use of primary energy in the power-generation process makes a decisive contribution toward lowering CO2 emissions and is a key issue in our power-plant fleet.

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Fuel switch

We participate in projects to enable existing electricity- and heat-producing systems to switch from carbon-intensive fuels to low-carbon fuels and from fossil torenewableenergy sources (e.g. biomass).

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In our current CDM/JI portfolio, renewable projects are an important part. Our focus is on hydropower, wind and biomass.

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CDM/JI expertise

RWE has had experience in the implementation of its own CDM/JI projects since 1999. To date, the Group has been engaged in more than 100 projects and has registered 81 with the UNFCCC.

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