Tobias Metzger

Head of Sales & Proposals, Marketing & BD

Tobias MetzgerTobias continues to elevate the position of RWE Technology International in the consulting engineering industry as one of our latest front-runners. His incredible passion for business development and complex projects, as well as his technical and industry knowledge, makes him a perfect leader for our Sales and Business Development department.

Having worked in several leading roles managing and developing sustainable business activities worldwide, he is intimately involved in creating better results for clients and projects. His wide range of project experience has aided him in being adaptive to working with many different clients and project types. Through his previous roles for different business areas and energy markets, Tobias understands that careful consideration of project challenges, market environments and client needs are crucial for long term relationships. Tobias is thoughtful, organized, accountable, and an excellent communicator.

Tobias earned his Diploma in Industrial Engineering from the University of Applied Science Berlin, focusing on environmental technologies and management.


Tobias MetzgerE-mail to Tobias Metzger

What gives you the most satisfaction in your work?

Building up long-term relationships with customers through personal committment, trustful partnerships and discussions on a level playing field.

Why did you choose RWE TI?

RWETI is not as any other consultant as we not only develop, execute and further optimize power plants for a sustainable lifetime, but also operate the power plants. As RWETI works in an international environment, it is more than interesting to work with people having a different cultural background, widening your own horizon and finding new ways of working.

What three words best describe you?

open-minded. strategic. international.

You have the choice:

Making the right choice isn’t always easy, especially in our business where often investment decisions for long lasting plants have to be made. But I am personally convinced that with the experience available at RWETI, we are the right partner to support you in making sustainable (business) decisions.

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