Meteorologists at Supply & Trading: forecasts for production and consumption

What should I wear tomorrow? Is it going to rain or will we have sunshine? The 'weather desk' employees recommend watching the weather forecast on the television to answer this type of question, even though they are meteorologists by trade. Their forecasts and prognoses serve a purpose that is entirely different. They know, for example, the depth of snow on the mountains that will arrive in run-of-river hydroelectric stations in the form of melt-water as soon as the thaw sets in. And if low stratus over Germany is leaving solar cells without the sunlight that they need, meaning that conventional power plants will have to take over. RWE Supply & Trading has a team of four that is concerned with weather issues. The quartet supplies the traders with essential information for their daily business, the extra knowledge can often make all the difference when it comes to a good deal. The interactions in question are complex.

They evaluate data from several meteorological services, consult information from global weather models and of course keep the production and consumption figures in mind at the same time. If it becomes apparent, for example, that only the gentlest of breezes will blow in Northern Germany over the coming days, it might be helpful if the RWE traders get wind of this in good time. Because in that case all power stations will have to produce electricity and the higher the demand the higher the price. All of them are early risers.They start at 6:30 in the morning because the daily morning meeting, including the weather prognosis, begins at eight o’clock sharp.