Working at RWEST

RWE Supply & Trading has grown tremendously over the years. From a base of just 10 employees in 1999, today we are a team of over 1300 people. Our employees are drawn from 40 countries and are spread across 3 main locations in Essen, Germany, London and Swindon in the UK. Through RWE’s acquisition of Essent, we collaborate closely with additional employees in the Netherlands and satellite offices in Asia and America.

We are organised into highly specialised, commercially oriented teams, with an emphasis on open communication. We take risk management very seriously. A clear separation between commercial and business support functions, in association with a ‘four-eyes principle’ up to Board level, ensures that business risks are managed effectively. All ideas and contributions are constructively challenged as a result of this mechanism of checks and balances. By deploying state-of-the-art support systems, our commercial teams are able to concentrate on developing their strengths in the market.

We take a systematic approach to talent management, creating the ideal environment for building a successful career. We strive to retain and develop outstanding people who combine commercial flair and industry experience with strong analytical capabilities and intimate market knowledge. At RWE Supply & Trading, we put great emphasis on balancing individual and team endeavour – and have found that the combination is greater than the sum of its parts.