What is RWE SmartHome?

Home automation with RWE SmartHome

The convenient solution for your home

Customised home automation is no longer a pipe-dream or an unaffordable luxury – thanks to RWE SmartHome, the user-friendly home automation system for every home, which delivers contemporary home automation of electrical devices and heating.

Advantages of RWE SmartHome for you:

  • Versatility

    The ideal combination of heating management and control of household appliances for house or apartment owners and tenants

  • Intelligent, networked devices

    A networked system of devices using sensors and actuators. The modular structure makes it flexible and it can be retrofitted as required.

  • High-performance infrastructure for additional services

    Linked to the RWE SmartHome bach/end via the Internet to provide innovative additional services and device software updates, to ensure that you are kept up to date when we develop new technology for you.

  • Very easy to install and extend

    Quick and easy to install and extend yourself - no need for a specialist or expensive wiring. Ready to use immediately after installation thanks to plug & play

  • Intuitive and easy to use, at home or away

    The self-explanatory graphical user interface makes RWE SmartHome very easy to operate from a PC or smartphone. Remote access by Internet or smartphone

  • Secure, reliable and always up to date

    Wireless solution based on the highest encryption standards for security and data protection. The remote fireware update option keeps your devices up to date at all times.

  • Can be used without an RWE power supply contract

    RWE SmartHome can be used all over Germany, irrespective of your power supply company.

How does RWE SmartHome home automation work?

RWE SmartHome is a family of intelligent devices that you can install in your home in a very short time without any previous technical knowledge. A wireless network within the house connects any household appliances of your choice with a central controller – the RWE SmartHome central control unit – and also provides intelligent control of your heating.

Perfect home automation – even when you are away*

With RWE SmartHome, your home automation system runs without a hitch – whether you are at home or operating it via the Internet or from your smartphone* when you are away*. You can control the devices in your home directly. To do this, you just have to set up profiles in your home automation system. You can combine several commands in a profile to suit your needs. For example, you can control all the lights in the house when you are away*. You can even include the heating controls. If you go away for the weekend your house will still look lived-in, and the RWE SmartHome heating control system will be saving energy for you.

Customised solution for your home automation system

RWE SmartHome home automation sets a new standard for everyone. Discover our range and tailor your home automation system to your individual needs. RWE SmartHome offers a range of intelligent devices to enable you to do this.

Intelligent, secure home automation from:

  • Home PC
  • Internet when you are away from home*
  • Smartphone*

    * 24 months mobile access included, thereafter optional 14,95 €/year. Access still free of charge via home network. Depending on the provider and tariff, additional communication costs can occur for the mobile access.

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