Working Environment

The success of the team: corporate culture

We have committed to clear values that guide our decisions and actions in the pursuit of our goals. These are summarised in our mission statement:

“Wir sind zuverlässiger Partner im Ausbau wettbewerbsfähiger erneuerbarer Energien”

We are convinced of the advantages of personal and cultural diversity and regard ourselves as a major force for cultural change in the RWE Group by setting benchmarks in terms of corporate culture, personal diversity and successful internationalisation. We support both international teams and the combination of young people just embarking on their careers as well as experienced professionals. We are flexible and quick to act, e.g. in terms of project acquisition and realisation, technological and country orientation and are thereby able to assimilate changes on the market proactively. At the same time, however, our public image and our actions remain consistent, thus fostering consumer confidence in our dealings and capabilities. We learn from our international experience, allowing us to set up Innogy in every country in such a way as to reflect the specifics of the country and our Innogy-wide scaleable business model.

Motto: satisfaction

We attach great importance to the satisfaction of all our employees, since we are convinced that success depends on a happy and motivated workforce.

We actively encourage feedback from our colleagues; only last year we carried out an Innogy-wide employee survey. With a participation rate of over 84 percent our employees informed us of points still needing improvement and aspects they felt worth retaining. At this juncture we would like to mention one finding from the survey in particular: all those who took part in the employee survey are proud to be working for RWE Innogy. This is a result we want to hold on to – we are working on it!

Success factor: compatibility

RWE Innogy aims to enable employees to strike a balance between work and family life. By implementing specific measures such as “home office” provisions, flexible working hours or job-sharing, we provide a framework that promotes careers while protecting family life. Although we expect a high degree of commitment from our employees, the individual as a person is what takes priority.

Tour de force: family and career

Drop the kids off at school in the morning, check the day-care is sorted and it is off to work. It is not always easy to reconcile work and family life.

We want you to be able to pursue your career – even if you have children. That is why many of our locations offer company-subsidised child day-care, adaptable to suit the needs of your personal professional situation. Whether you are organising a business trip or further training, looking for temporary day-care during the school holidays or simply need some advice, we assist you in finding the optimum solution for your family. And thanks to an ongoing policy of improvement, we are working on establishing even more family-oriented working conditions in future.

Prospects: careers at RWE Innogy

Whether we are talking personal development planning, mentoring programmes, successor management or the ongoing assessment of potential – at RWE Innogy you have great possibilities. The RWE Group also offers a special mentoring programme for women in leadership positions. The mentor is therefore a key feature of RWE management. In order to foster intercultural understanding and the exchange between our European subsidiaries, it is also possible to work abroad on a short-term RWE Innogy contract.