Lignite products

Braunkohlenprodukte verpackt

Lignite briquettes are the classic fuel for traditional solid-fuel appliances like automatic stoves, cooking stoves and stand-alone stoves. Today, they are frequently used in combination with wood in modern solid-fuel appliances.


Hard-coal products

Hard-coal products are high-energy solid fuels for traditional stoves fitted with a grate-firing system (single-storey and central heating systems, automatic stoves and cooking stoves). Whenever low outside temperatures push up heating needs, hard-coal products ensure comfortable warmth coupled with low input quantities. Thanks to their slow-combustion properties, they are an ideal fuel even on harsh, frosty winter days.


Wood products

Wood is the traditional fuel for any fireplace. It burns quickly, produces a long flame, heats up the fireplace fast and ensures a romantic play of flames, so that wood is the ideal fuel if the fireplace is only used for short periods.