lignite energy pulverized

LE pulverized is a high-quality, low-sulphur industrial fuel in the form of dust made from raw lignite by drying and crushing. The very good combustion behaviour is explained by the very high share of volatile matter and the large inner surface. Operation is in closed systems, which achieves user convenience that is comparable with that of fuel-oil systems. A crucial advantage of LE pulverized is the high price distance to conventional competing energies, like fuel oil and natural gas. Today, many energy-intensive processes use over 3 million tons of LE pulverized every year. This is equivalent to more than 1.8 billion litres of fuel oil! Pulverized-fuel firing systems are marked by low space needs and high control rates. Costly measures to adhere to statutory emission thresholds are not necessary. Retrofitting existing firing systems from fuel oil or gas to the fuel "pulverized lignite" is often by standardized components without expensive alterations to the firing system.

Besides its use in energy-intensive industrial processes, LE pulverized is also increasingly being deployed as a fuel to generate hot gas, e.g. in smaller drying plants to dry the most varied of products. Thanks to the much lower fuel costs, use of LE pulverized can be an interesting proposition upward of a furnace thermal rating of approx. 2 MW already.