Application options

Lignite energy pulverized is used in many process heat generation systems. The retrofitting of existing firing systems, usually involving a switch from fuel oil or gas to the fuel "pulverized lignite", often simply means dismantling the installed burner and replacing it with a lignite-burner. Additional alterations to the drying plant are hardly ever necessary. Besides directly fired burners, LE pulverized can also be used for indirectly fired systems. Appropriate heat exchangers are available on the market. Costly measures to adhere to statutory emission thresholds are not necessary. Besides its use in energy-intensive industrial processes, LE pulverized is also increasingly being deployed as a fuel to generate hot gas in smaller drying plants to dry the most varied of products. Thanks to the much lower fuel costs, use of LE pulverized can be an interesting proposition upward of a furnace thermal rating of approx. 2 MW already.

In manufacturing the following products, LE pulverized is already being used in drying processes, or this is planned:

  • gypsum products
  • dry mortar
  • fibrous materials
  • fertilizer
  • sand and gravel
  • raw clay
  • swelling clay and bentonite
  • construction materials
  • pumice and natural stone
  • mineral stone for the asphalt-mixing industry
  • fodder
  • lime products
  • industrial bulk materials
  • filter ash
  • wood fibres